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Preparing your Home

Homes photograph better and look more inviting if they are...

  • Clean and Tidy
  • Uncluttered
  • Adequately Lit

So, you are looking to sell the house anyway... It's Time To Showcase The Homes Best Features.

Pack up the non-essentials. If you haven't used that blender in 2 years, there is no need to have it on the counter.

Remember, Less is More.

  • Clear off countertops, tables, and desks. Uncluttering the space makes the home appear larger.
  • Depersonalize living areas. Clean off the fridge, and put away the stacks of mail.
  • Some people love pets, others don't. This is not the best time to show off Fido.

Other Tips:

  • Vacuum the floors
  • Take out the trash
  • Put away the laundry

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